Racine Revitalization, Supportive Housing and House to Home

Racine Revitalization and The Supportive Housing Development

RRP and the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization (HALO) have partnered to provide supportive transitional housing for people facing homelessness in Racine County. HALO will provide case management for persons living in the partnership units. HALO has operated Transitional Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing, and Rapid Rehousing programs since 2008, which include case management. The House to Home Program is a major focus of RRP and it includes making abandon properties useful again through complete rehab and new construction. All our homes are sold to income qualified buyers who have been provided with the skills needed for successful home ownership. RRP’s Executive Director has over 30 years of experience in the design and construction of residential housing.


Racine Revitalization Partnership, Inc.’s ( RRP) House to Home program collaborates with workforce development, housing development, purchase and rehab, and financial and educational programs in order to provide low income residents with the tools needed to successfully navigate barriers to education, health and employment by providing quality, affordable housing for homeownership in the City of Racine. 

Racine residents continue to need access to quality affordable housing. Integration inclusive of economics, age, gender, and disability support the need for ongoing redevelopment. Homeownership is a family wealth building tool that has been out of reach for many minority populations in Racine County. House to Home can effectively transition families from rentals that are deemed unlivable by fueling the “move-up” process in our most challenged neighborhoods. Giving residents who have undergone homeownership education and financial counseling RRP will provide an inventory of substantial well-built houses. Measures of success include placement of low to moderate-income homeowners in RRP homes. Changing perceptions and expectations by providing stable environments for human growth, improved outcomes in health, stable employment, quality education, improved safety, and creative opportunities in commerce.