House Proud

House Proud

The Racine Revitalization Partnership and Community

RRP has expanded its current program offerings to include a home rehabilitation program that focuses on the facade and curb appeal of owner-occupied housing.  In our first endeavor a three-block area was targeted. There are twenty-four owner occupied homes on Grand Avenue between Twelfth and fifteenth street- that include single family homes as well as duplexes, a rate of about fifty percent on these three blocks (high for the area).  Many families who reside here often cohabitate in duplexes or own more than one property. This property improvement program allows for improved stewardship and control of the neighborhood. 


Of the homes evaluated over half have been found to be candidates for our proposed House-Proud program.  We estimate that ten homeowners will qualify and desire to be involved in our joint rehabilitation grant program with Johnson Bank and over twenty-five additional properties will qualify for other types of beatification and health and safety improvements. 

RRP managed a program that provides loans/grants for the cosmetic and functional repairs that burden neighborhood homeowners and contribute to the appearance of a blighted neighborhood.  Studies support the premise that a reduction of blight and the introduction of order in challenged neighborhoods seriously reduces crime and increases neighborhood cohesion.   

RRP Proposes to: 

  1. Evaluate properties within a contained radius where significant work is occurring 
  2. Screen for home ownership and qualify homeowners 
  3. Create, collect, and vet homeowner applications for repairs 
  4. Collaborate with the City of Racine’s Code Compliance funds-grants 
  5. Screen and prequalify contractors-Insurance, quality, reliability 
  6. Write scopes of work and assist homeowners with selections 
  7. Contract for work and distribute funds when mutually released